Solar FAQs

Are rebates still available on (PV) Solar Power Systems and Solar Hot Water System?

Yes the rebates are available on the upfront cost of the Solar Power System & Solar Hot Water System.

How long will a (PV) Solar Power System take to install?

Usually about 4 to 5 hours depending on size and if an upgrade to the meter box is required.

Does my roof need to be reinforced to have a (PV) Solar Power System installed?

No. Panels are remarkably light, considering their weight footprint is usually about 11.5 kg per m2

Will a (PV) Solar Power System work if it is raining?

Very heavy rain may suspend production but a solar system will still work in light rain or on cloudy days.

What is the best pitch to install (PV) Solar Panels?

For the Bundaberg area the best possible pitch is 25 deg facing due north. But (PV) Solar Power Systems will still work well on other orientations. Please ask our helpful staff for your individual production expectations.

How long will a (PV) Solar Power System last?

Allsafe Energy Bundaberg prides itself on installing the very best in quality. The top of the range Sunpower panels have a 25 year product warranty plus a 25 year production warranty. That is a guarantee that is hard to match, let along beat!