Financial Benefits

SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS: The financial benefits of installing a Solar Power System are substantial, especially as technology advances and the price of solar panels falls (see graph below). A solar power system for your home, farm or business might provide 100% of your electricity needs, or perhaps the size and shape of your roof will only allow it to provide 50% of your needs. Regardless, most systems pay for themselves within 4 years. For further detail of possible savings, refer to this SAVINGS CALCULATOR. There are unique benefits in Solar Power for Landlords, Schools, Businesses, Farms, and also for residential clients, especially those who use most of their electricity during the day when the sun can provide their power needs for free.


SOLAR HOT WATER SYSTEMS: Standard hot water systems cost the average family over $600 a year to run. A solar hot water system uses 80% less electricity, which equals a saving of $520 a year. Installing a solar hot water system at the time of construction adds only around $1850 over a standard electric hot water system (approx $600 additional install cost and $1250 purchase cost).

Incentives and Rebates:

Australian Government financial incentives are available for Solar Power Systems and Solar Hot Water Systems. These benefits are available to homes and businesses (including schools and farms), and thanks to this assistance, solar power is widely accepted in the community. Most systems pay for themselves within 4 years, yet are warranted for 25 years on the performance of the solar panels! The rebates and incentives currently available are:

Small Scale renewable energy scheme and the Small-scale Technology Certificates

Click on this link for Feed In Tariffs Information from Ergon Energy

Paying for your solar system:

At AllSafe Bundaberg we believe that energy efficient products should be accessible to everyone. That is why we are happy to offer different financing options to approved customers through our business partners. If you don’t have the funds readily available to pay cash for your solar power system, you may still be able to save with interest-free finance from Certegy or by taking out a Sunpower Solar Loan with Community First Credit Union.


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