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At Allsafe Bundaberg, our goal is to help our customers with energy efficient products, not only in their home or business, but also while they are away from the grid, either camping, caravaning, or working in remote areas. We stock a range of portable energy efficient products in our showroom at 24 Burrum Street, Bundaberg, and we invite you to visit us there so we can help you find the product that will suit your needs. Some of those products are listed below:

Yamaha Generators

Super quiet, take anywhere generators for the great outdoors or industrial use. Yamaha generators are not only smaller and lighter, they outperform the competition. Available in a size to suit everyone, Yamaha generators have features the other brands can’t match, and a four year guarantee.


Deep Cycle Batteries

Power Charge rechargeable batteries are designed to provide outstanding performance in withstanding overcharge, over discharge, and resisting vibration and shock. Compact, these batteries save installation space, while providing full and reliable power.


Portable Solar Panels

Solawatt portable solar panels come with a carry bag and regulator, ready to go.

Picture6Solawatt Folding Solar Panel Case

LED Lighting

The latest in energy efficient technology, LED lighting not only provides a brighter cleaner solution to lighting your home, but saves you money at the same time. Using approximately 85% less energy, LED lights simply make sense, and we have a wide range in our showroom. Led Lighting
At AllSafe Bundaberg we are committed to providing the best solution tailored to your unique needs. Call into our showroom or phone us today on (07) 4151 7667. Alternately, leave a message on our Contact Form and we will phone you back. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you find the product that best suits your budget and lifestyle.