Allsafe Bundaberg stock and install skylights for every situation, allowing natural sunlight into your home or business to save you energy and electricity costs. Dark corners are no more, and your home or office becomes light and bright with no ongoing costs. The quality brands we supply are listed below, and for further information, read our article Why install a skylight. You could also view the following video on the benefits of Solatube’s new top-of-the range skylight, the Solatube Smart LED.

Solatube Daylight Series

Solartube Daylight (pictured below) is our top of the range tubular skylight — the ultimate in craftsmanship and guaranteed quality.

A home bathed in natural light allows the occupants to actually feel the ambiance. Not only will it promote a cheery atmosphere, it also adds immeasurably to the resale value of your home.


Solatube Heavenly Intelligent

Solatube Heavenly Intelligent skylight provides effective ray-bending technology and is the middle of our range — the most affordable of our high quality tubular skylights. Technology such as ‘Spectralite’ (97% efficient) tubing and a patented ‘intelligent’ dome, allow for both low and high angled light to be absorbed, which means more light at any hour of the day. Available in 250 and 400mm.

Solatube Econotube

Solatube Econotube combines premium quality with economical components to deliver on a value, low cost skylight.  

illume solar skylights

The perfect solution to multi story skylight installations. Powered by the sun, with no connection to 240v or batteries. illume innovative skylight requires no tube through the roof. Harnessing the power from the sun with no heat transfer, the illume can be installed almost anywhere.
At AllSafe Bundaberg, we are committed to providing the best solution tailored to your energy needs. Phone us today on (07) 4151 7667 or leave a message on our Contact Form and we will phone you back. We look forward to speaking with you and offering a free quote on the skylight that best suits your budget, needs and lifestyle.