At Allsafe Bundaberg we are proud to be the authorised Sunpower Partner for the Bundaberg area. Solar Power Systems are a core component of our business, and we take pleasure in offering our customers the very best in solar panels for the Bundaberg area.

Residential Solar Loan NOW Available!  With NO Deposit!

Sunpower has partnered with Community First to create the Sunpower Solar Loan which can assist home owners to purchase a Sunpower Solar System without having to make a large up-front cash payment. A Sunpower Solar Loan is designed to make solar truly affordable and help you to start saving sooner.

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Not all solar is the same!

Sunpower has been delivering highly efficient premium solar solutions for over 25 years. With Sunpower you can be assured that you are getting the most powerful solar energy panels on the market.


Sunpower Maxeon cells are designed and tested to highest possible standards to provide reliability over the lifetime of the product. What makes Sunpower Maxeon cells more reliable? Sunpower Maxeon solar cells are unique, each cell being built on a solid copper foundation. This provides the strength and endurance needed to handle our weather extremes here in Australia year after year after year.

Conventional Cells do not use a copper base, instead a metal paste on the front and backsides to conduct the power generated by the cell, and are thus vulnerable to failing when cellexposed to the elements.

86% of conventional cells degrade through corrosion or cracking due to expanding and contracting during temperature variations. This causes them to steadily lose power over time or completely fail. Sunpower’s Maxeon cells are virtually impervious to these issues.

ONLY 27 per One Million Sunpower panels have been returned under warranty! 

8.2% More Energy

Sunpower panels have five major performance advantages over Conventional panels

  • Sunpower panels maintain high power at real world high temperatures          = 1.4% More Energy
  • Superior performance in real world conditions: No light-induced degradation = 2.0% More Energy
  • Higher average panel watts                                                                               = 0.8% More Energy
  • Excellent performance in low light conditions                                                   = 1.0% More Energy
  • Sunpower uses the best performing anti-reflective glass available                  = 3.0% More Energy
  • TOTAL                                                                                                              8.2% MORE ENERGY

25 Year Warranty: A Difference that matters

Sunpower delivers an industry leading 25 year combined9.10 product and performance warranty, guaranteeing 9.1% more energy over the 25 years. That means 25 years of complete peace of mind for you and your family.

At Allsafe Bundaberg we are proud to install Sunpower Solar Systems for our clients. Call our friendly staff on phone: (07) 4151 7667 or call into our showroom at 24 Burrum Street, Bundaberg to find out more about these quality products.  

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